Xlutop Chainer

Xlutop Chainer 1.03

VSL host, effect and instrument program

Xlutop Chainer is a Virtual Studio Technology (VST) combination host, effect and instrument that runs as a standalone application. The program allows you to stream ASIO or VST input signals through up to 10 chains of VST effects and uses your computer as a real-time multi-effect processor.

It also lets you layer several instruments to create complex sounds and can play instruments on different MIDI channels, since it also turns your PC into a multi-timbral sound generator.

Xlutop Chainer also gives you the ability to create multiple samples from VST instruments in WAV and SF2 formats for instant use. Added features include letting you load or save preset files for fast access to complex effect and instrument presets, playing several VST instruments at the same time, and capturing the sound output into a 16/24/32 bit stereo WAV file.